to be you...

It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to feel like

they fit in, to not feel marginalized, isolated, rejected,

lonely. This  results in comparing themselves to others,

either feeling better than or not enough. Being free to be

the person you were meant to be, being true to yourself, can

lead to amazing joy, contentment and freedom...

Let go 
   of the struggle.


There is a person on a ship in shackles, feeling forgotten, imprisoned, hopeless, self-pity. Then, a still quiet voice says, "Get up. You are already free." The person stands up, the shackles fall to the floor. This person realizes she was already free. She simply had to walk in that freedom. When you let go of the struggle, you will discover the freedom that is already there. You just need to let go of the struggle.


      your life.
        your language.
           your thoughts.
               your emotions.
                  your self-concept.

Find your PURPOSE.


One of the most profoundly impactful books I have ever read is Viktor Frankl's "Man's Search for Meaning". It was written by a psychiatrist who was imprisoned for three years in concentration camps during World War II. He describes first-hand the suffering, torture, despair, and unimaginable circumstances, but enduring and surviving that experience.


Now, I do not believe we have to suffer to find meaning in our lives, but I do believe that in suffering we can find meaning.


In the foreword to Frankl's book, Harold S. Kushner writes, " is meaningful and...we must learn to see life as meaningful despite our circumstances." He continues by emphasizing, "there is an ultimate purpose to life."


What is your purpose?

-Dr. Lockhart


Take Back Your Life...

If you are ready to live in the moment, change how you think, change how you speak to yourself (your thoughts) and let go of the struggle...


Let's chat to see if A New Pediatric Psychology is the right fit for you, your child, or your family.

We are located in San Antonio, Texas. We offer therapy for children, teens, and adults; psychological and academic testing; tele-psychology (online therapy for Texas residents); and Parent Coaching (online and in-person coaching). 


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  Testimonials   &


"Outstanding in every respect. Most important conference I have ever been to, because it helped people of all ages to cope with the internal and external conflict. Everything in this conference was beneficial to people of all ages."

-Speech Language Pathologist,


Buffalo, NY


"She has helped us immensely in assisting with the rare subset of patients with conversion disorders and psychogenic and non-epileptic seizures (PNES) early in disease progression."

-Program Director/Physician,

Child Neurology

San Antonio, TX


"Great. Very down to earth, in touch with the audience, engaging. She's got a good sense of humor too!"

-Occupational Therapist, Pediatrics Spring TX


"I have personally sent her patients with elimination disorders, psychogenic dysphagia or inorganic swallowing difficulties, needle phobias, and of course functional abdominal pain. She is adept at choosing the appropriate therapy to ensure a viable treatment plan and has a wide range of therapies in her arsenal including CBT, biofeedback, hypnosis..."


Pediatric Gastroenterology

San Antonio, TX



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At The Park

16607 Blanco Rd.

Suite 1107 (Bldg 11)

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(off Loop 1604 & Blanco Rd.)





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